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Practicing Standard Food Quality and Safety Measures

Quality & Food Safety

Food Safety Audits and Certifications

Fort Boise Produce prides itself on ensuring that its onions undergo proper food safety procedures. Fort Boise utilizes ‘Good Handling Practices’ at our facility by undergoing annual Primus GFS Audit certifications. In addition, all of Fort Boise’s onion growers have their farming operations certified through USDA Global GAP Audits, or Primus GFS Audits. Fort Boise also has all onion fields residue tested through ‘Certified Onions’, an onion certification program that has been enacted through our area’s USDA Marketing Order.

Quality & Food Safety


Fort Boise Produce follows proper traceability procedures for ‘One Step Forward, One Step Backward’ tracing for all onion products. Fort Boise has shown innovation in traceability, and was the first produce operation to provide on-line product traceability to consumers. Consumers can trace their purchased onions back to a webpage that shows a video and map of the field the onions came from, video of the grower, and video of the packing operation where the onions were packaged. This can all be found at Fort Boise’s sister company’s site,

Quality Control

Fort Boise Produce utilizes USDA quality control inspections on all of their packed onions. Fort Boise employs in-house inspectors that are certified through the State of Idaho to inspect onions based off of USDA grade standards. In addition, State of Idaho inspectors come to Fort Boise’s facility every day to do inspections of their own to ensure that Fort Boise’s onions are meeting USDA US#1 grade standards.

Fort Boise has also implemented video inspections that allow customers to see exactly how onions look that are coming off of the packing line. 

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